Mishka Gora is a writer and photographer based in Tasmania, Australia. Drawing upon her academic training as a historian and a multifarious career, Mishka has a particular interest in writing about war and conscience. Her experiences as a humanitarian aid worker during the 1990’s conflict in the former Yugoslavia are a driving force behind much of her writing, and they have formed the basis for an enduring interest in international affairs.  Her current focus is Croatian Tenebrae, a novel set in WWII Croatia.

She is the mother of four home-educated children and has a variety of interests including (but by no means limited to) cooking, gardening, tennis, and historical costuming.

Mishka in her prize-winning Victorian costume at Entally Estate Colonial Fair.

Mishka in her prize-winning Victorian costume at Entally Estate Colonial Fair.

All articles on this site are Copyright Mishka Gora. All rights reserved. Please contact  Mishka (mishka@alumni.brown.edu) about sales, syndication and republishing.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. jumpingpolarbear said:

    Hvala ti boze! Zivio Generale!

  2. I am so very glad to have found your blog, you have a wonderful writing style and I have already spent far too long reading instead of my chores. Hvala!

  3. annathrax said:

    Your recent post about vukovar and your time there bought tears to my eyes. We will never forget them. Thanks for sharing on your informative blog.

  4. BEAUTIFUL dress and hairdo!

  5. Great appreciation for your people

  6. Trish Trombly said:

    Hi Mishka! I’m working on my nutrition business at a cafe called Mishka’s in Davis, CA. The owner told me he is from an area maybe between Croatia and Serbia and speaks the same language as my father, who was from Hvar in Croatia. (So were my grandparents on my mother’s side.) So I wanted to know if Mishka was a Croatian word, searched “Mishka” on DuckDuckGo, and found your blog! Hello from a first generation Croatian American!

    • Hi Trish! Mishka means little mouse/rat in most Slavic languages (and seems to be a popular dog’s name for German Shepherds, Samoyeds, and Huskies). I have no Croatian ancestry, but I suppose I could say I’ve become an honorary Croatian thanks to my work there during the war and my writings about Croatia since then. I’ll have to visit Mishka’s Cafe if ever I get back to California! (I went to UCLA.)

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