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There is an excellent review of Esther Gitman’s latest book ‘Alojzije Stepinac: Pillar of Human Rights’ by Marijan Gubic in today’s Hrvatski Vjesnik (Croatian Herald). For those of you who cannot access this Australian community newspaper, here are my favourite quotes (my emphasis throughout):

“Reading Alojzije Stepinac: Pillar of Human Rights it is as if at once, like a balloon that has no moorings, the entire apparatus of falsehoods and lies rises and vanishes in the upper air, where it rightly belongs, and it is now possible to see the truth from a single source without distortion.”

“The powerful image of Stepinac as a world historical figure was captured elegantly in an editorial of… L’Osservatore Romano, comparing the arrest and trial of Stepinac to the final persecution of Jesus Christ: ‘We think of him like His Lord, accused of having deceived the people, of not having yielded unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, for having said to be able to destroy in three days the Temple of Titus.’  This was a deliberate play on words and the theme of tyranny as Titus is Italian for Tito.”

“…the Vatican itself has cravenly dropped the chalice of truth.  There is no branch of history so controversial as the history of the second World War in Yugoslavia.  The ineluctable truth is that the heinous crimes… were perpetrated by fanatics on behalf of dictators.  The prevailing histories ignore the heroes and champions of freedom and human dignity.  Not Gitman.  Gitman’s contribution is critical to unravelling those controversies.”

“Stepinac would be shocked to learn that his life was reduced to a fact-finding commission that only served to alienate and divide Christians and hold truth hostage to nefarious political designs.”

I hope these quotes will encourage anyone with an interest in the bitter and divisive debate about Blessed Alojzije Cardinal Stepinac to buy Esther’s book from the publisher at: http://www.ks.hr/alojzije-stepinac–pillar-of-human-rights