I was a teenager when I first realised that the media parodies those whom they do not like.  Growing up, John Howard (who later became our Prime Minister) came across as a stammering midget, a monkey-like figure.  However, I was fortunate to meet him on more than one occasion, and I found that he was not only taller than me but that he was an eloquent and dignified speaker with courteous manners.

The lesson I learnt was that we must be extremely wary of making judgements based on the mainstream media’s selective and skewed interpretation of events, even at the best of times.

Donald J. Trump is a case in point.  Instead of serious analysis of a key presidential speech, we find ourselves swamped with speculative drivel about the Polish President’s wife’s body language and gossipy denigration, e.g. “Reagan is nodding” and “religious paranoia”.

However, the tide may be turning.  Conservatives who have been keen to distance themselves are beginning to realise that there’s more to Trump than meets the eye.

For example, Johnathon Van Maren reconsiders his opinion of Trump:

It is now a media trope that wherever Donald Trump goes, he manages to embarrass us all. Considering his irritating proclivity for adolescent Twitter battles with figures in the media, this is an easy line to buy at times. But upon stumbling — completely by accident — on Donald Trump’s recent address in speech in Warsaw, I realized that there was quite possibly something else at play as well: Perhaps Trump is embarrassing the media elites.

Trump’s speech in Warsaw is perhaps one of the clearest calls for the defense of Western Civilization and its fundamental roots in Christianity and the culture and traditions it created delivered by any Western politician in several decades. He points out the enemy, warns that the West is under threat, points to our Christian heritage as both a defense and worth defending, and highlights the long struggle against the Evil Empire as evidence that where the will exists, good can triumph over evil. The speech was, quite simply, so eloquent I found it difficult to excerpt it for the sake of this column — and those who read my analyses of Trump’s campaign speeches, one of which I attended, will know that I found him generally callow, shallow, and crude.

You can read the full article at LifeSiteNews.  It includes extensive excerpts of Trump’s speech. Even better, watch the entire speech for yourself.

Either way, set aside your prejudices and judge this speech on its own merit.