Having read the book, I’m looking forward to this much-anticipated film/series.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Actor Goran Visnjic (L) General Ante Gotovina (R) Photo collage: croatiaweek.comActor Goran Visnjic (L)
General Ante Gotovina (R)
Photo collage: croatiaweek.com

It’s been about a week and much of Croatia is buzzing with excitement about the start of the filming of a new feature movie called “The General”. Most say: About time! And indeed it has great significance and potential in spreading and maintaining the truth about Croatia’s Homeland War and its Operation Storm of August 1995, which swiftly and decisively liberated the Croatian territory, occupied and ethnically cleansed of all non-Serbs by the Serb forces. This is a movie and a TV series’ filming of the long-awaited life story of Croatia’s much-loved war hero General – Ante Gotovina.

On August 4th, 1995, Operation Storm commenced. It was a large-scale military operation led by Croatian armed forces in order to gain back the control of Croatian territories which had been claimed by Serbs. The united Croatian forces led by General…

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