Julian O'Dea

Matt Forney:

“If abortion is murder, then women who get abortions are murderers who need to be thrown in prison. I can’t believe I have to argue this. If you make abortion illegal and DON’T punish women who abort their babies, how the hell do you enforce the law?

Mind you, I’m agnostic on the abortion issue myself. This isn’t a matter of whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, it’s a matter of how the law works.

“Pro-life” conservatives who talk about how women who get abortions are “victims” are morally indistinguishable from feminists and SJWs. It’s the same logic feminists use to justify decriminalizing prostitution while severely punishing men who solicit hookers.”

My comment:

Precisely. And it shows how scared they are of holding women to any kind of standard.

It is this attitude that has made so many Western women spoiled and childish.

Perhaps women are indeed inferior morally…

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