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This article appeared in the Swedish daily GP (Göteborgs-Posten) 23 May 2014

He came to Sarajevo last weekend, that´s where the EU-team is working together with the national organization for security and disaster relief but also with the UN and The Red Cross.

“We´re sitting in a basement, our Bosnian colleagues have a very humble attitude but a lot of Bosnians are are completely exhausted. The kind of assistance that will be needed will change once the rescue efforts go into another phase” according to Jan Karlsson.

Jan Karlsson is on loan from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) he was among other things in charge of part of the relief effort in Thailand after the 2004 tsunami. His team is working in one particulary hard hit part of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Posavina and the biggest town in the area; Orasje. Both the canton and the town are right next…

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