Croatia, the War, and the Future

The Croatian government at this moment surfaces as a bully in a schoolyard filled with hurting children.

The Croatian government says the law must be respected and applied. Nothing wrong with that – except when the government ignores the full verse and meaning of the relevant legislation. While Croatia’s 2002 constitutional law on minority rights provides for the establishment of bilingualism (or multilingualism) when one or more ethnic minorities make at least a third of the total population in a particular region. Serb ethnic minority reportedly fulfilled that criteria in Vukovar in the 2011 census, however, that census is considered questionable given that it according to many consists of a relatively large number of Serbs who have a registered address in Vukovar but do not reside in the area.

Furthermore, the same Constitutional law stipulates that in the event of applying the minority rights to bilingualism the government must ensure…

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