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Many of us were greeted this morning by headlines regarding Prime Minister Gillard’s attempts to distract the voting public with a hullabaloo over abortion and gender.

Leaving aside the glaring fact that the legality of abortion is a state issue, my reaction could be summed up in the general observation that the key challenge we are facing in this regard is that men are cowards and women are hypocrites.

It is fairly self-evident that men are cowards when it comes to abortion.  Most men either avoid the topic completely, sometimes claiming that they aren’t qualified to comment given that they’re the wrong sex, while others kowtow to women saying things like “I fully support a woman’s right to choose” (MP Stephen Jones).   Men have been relegated to rubber-stamping the views of women, hiding behind their skirts, meekly accepting the monstrous regimen.

The hypocrisy of women is slightly more controversial, if only because of the cowardice of men.  Women say they want to be treated as equals in one breath, but demand special privileges in the next.  They say they ought to be accorded respect, but then disparage men as sexists who consider abortion a “plaything”.

The Prime Minister, however, is an extreme example.  Ordinary men and women play into her hands with their cowardice and hypocrisy.  Julia Gillard is merely an embellished reflection of what goes on in everyday Australian life.  When she lambasts men in parliament, she is representing what women do every day with snide self-serving remarks.  When Julie Bishop responds by saying that the Coalition will not change abortion laws, she is merely parroting men who say abortion is none of their business.

At the end of the day, we collectively bear as much responsibility as those who lead us.  In a democracy, we get the government we deserve.  Unless there is a radical change to the sheep-like voting habits of the Australian public, we will find ourselves with either a female hypocrite or (come September) a male coward as Prime Minister.  That said, cowardice may be overcome with encouragement.  Courage is something we all lack at times, that can be cultivated.  Hypocrisy, especially when it is grounded in the irrational ideology of feminism, is another matter.  This is something that requires fundamental change in the way women speak and act all over the country.  And it must start at the grass roots.

We must all embrace responsibility once more.  Women, in particular, must put an end to the double standard that absolves everyone of responsibility.  When it comes to ‘women’s issues’ like abortion, women must stop telling men to butt out, that it’s none of their business.  They need to accept that men have valid opinions, and that women cannot pick and choose when men are allowed to express that opinion.  They need to recognise that the men they take into their beds remain the fathers of their children when they subsequently cast them out of their beds.  Abortion isn’t about women; it’s about children.

We also need to stop making excuses for those we admire.  (Women are particularly guilty of defending other women.)  We need to stop defending others as “misguided” or “misinformed” when they are the ones in positions of power doing the misguiding and misinforming of the public.  They are not victims; they are perpetrators.  Julie Bishop is a highly intelligent and well-informed woman.  She may or may not be preferable to Julia Gillard on various policy matters, but her support for abortion is no more excusable.  Just because she’s on the side of the “men in blue ties” doesn’t make her justification of the murder of babies any more palatable.  Her talk of a woman’s ‘right to choose’ is no more rational than when Stephen Jones or Julia Gillard speak of it.  Tony Abbott may like his fellow Catholics to think he’s a good Catholic, but his repeated contradiction of Church teaching makes him a coward and a hypocrite.  It’s time for Catholic supporters of the Coalition to demand he grow a backbone or take their votes elsewhere.

As for Julia Gillard’s fear that women’s voices will be “banished” from political life and that abortion will be governed by men who “think they know better”, I say bring it on.  If the only way to restore rationality and morality to the laws of our land is to admit that sometimes men do know better, then so be it.  May the “better” man win!