You may recall Robin Harris from the documentary ‘Udruzena Nepravda’ in which I also appeared, along with Brian Gallagher (who wrote this piece). [30 second trailer at

Croatia Business Report

By Brian Gallagher

With the recent death of Margaret Thatcher,  a couple of biographies of her have been published. One is ‘Not for Turning’ by Robin Harris. Harris, of course, was one of her top advisers and thus uniquely placed to discuss her life. Further, he is an expert in his own right on Croatia and Bosnia, being the author of an acclaimed history of Dubrovnik.

It is no surprise then that a number of pages in the biography are given over to Margaret Thatcher’s support for Croatia and Bosnia. Indeed, Harris identifies it as one of her last campaigns.

He relates how her involvement would have surprised any; she had no experience of the former Yugoslavia and had some anti-German prejudices. However, she saw Belgrade’s Greater Serbia policy as a mix of Nazism and Communism, and firmly believed the Slovenes, Croats and Bosnian had the right…

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