Ina Vukic on the fallout from the acquittal of Generals Gotovina and Markac.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

When Carla Del Ponte, as ICTY prosecutor, with fervent support from the powers that be in Serbia set out to “lighten” the terrible Serbian guilt for mass murders and ethnic cleansing in Croatia particularly between 1991 and 1993, by pinning a wildly dreadful theory of joint criminal enterprise against Croatian 1995 Operation Storm (which liberated Croatian territory from terror and occupation) they weren’t just whistling Dixie – they were very serious about it!

It was a plan filled with dreadful and immoral fantasy that evidently had the aim of suppressing and minimising in the eyes of the world the horrible crimes Serbs perpetrated in the aggression against Croatia (1991-1995) and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which resulted in more than 1 Million refugees (forceful deportations of Croatians and non-Serbs/ ethnic cleansing), thousands of mass killings including genocide.

Del Ponte went about gathering “stuff” she might use as evidence for this dreadful construct…

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