Victims of mass murder are victims regardless of the political affiliation of the perpetrators. We need to remember this and not allow some crimes to be swept under the carpet because they do not fit into the good-evil dichotomy we have been fed about WWII. It is unfortunate that the Catholic Church is having to step in to do the government’s job in this case… but also to its credit. I fear there are many more (Communist) crimes that remain to be exposed, and it reflects badly on Croatia if such matters are ignored in favour of myopic and mythical portrayals of the past. The truth must prevail!

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatian authorities have late this month uncovered a yet another horror that befell innocent people in Croatia at the hand of WWII and post-WWII Communists.

Authorities have exhumed a new mass grave (so far over 900 have reportedly been discovered in Croatia) with the remains of 30 people executed at the end of World War II near Croatia’s capital Zagreb.

The victims are believed to be cadets of a military academy of the WWII Independent State of Croatia.

The grave is quite shallow, some bones were found only 35 centimeters (13 inches) below the ground. According to the evidence so far collected the victims were young (“coming of age” years) and were brought to the forest in Gracani at the outskirts of Zagreb between 13th and 15th of May 1945, and slaughtered.

As Croatian TV HRT reported these findings are irrefutable evidence of execution with a large amount…

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