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The Croatian documentary film Udruzena Nepravda (Joint Injustice) has been released on YouTube and can be viewed with English subtitles (if you click on the ‘captions’ icon below the screen).

Please bear in mind this film has been made for a domestic Croatian audience familiar with the case and its many flaws.  My numerous previous posts on this topic take a more cerebral approach, but I certainly recommend taking a look at this documentary regardless, especially at the first ten minutes or so if you haven’t the time to watch the entire film.  Apart from anything else, there is some very poignant footage of the Serbs’ destruction of Vukovar in 1991 which non-Croatians may have forgotten (or never seen if under the age of thirty)… and (if I may be a tad frivolous) fans of the television series ER may be interested to watch Goran Visnjic (a.k.a. Dr Luka Kovac) and hear his thoughts on the Gotovina et al. case.